Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I have to input the casino name, doesn't Slotzer know where I am?

Many casinos are located in areas with poor cellphone and wifi service. This makes it more difficult to use location-based services, but we expect future versions of Slotzer to include this feature.

How do I find the name of the game?

Almost all slot machines display the name prominently at the top front. If you don't easily find a match in Slotzer's preloaded list, press + to add it.

Where do I find the machine number, and why do I have to add it?

Casinos assign each of their slots a unique number, which is on a label or plaque somewhere on the machine.  For ID purposes you do not need to include letters or dashes, just the numbers.  Entering a machine ID number allows you to compare one machine to another of the same game. If you don't see the number, enter any number to keep track of that game.

How do I see results of previously played games?

From the selection screen, enter the casino, game and machine information.  You can then see the report of your cumulative results of play.  Take a screenshot of the report to save for easy access.

How do I correct mistakes when I press "Lose" instead of "Win"

You can "swipe" or  "long press" the win, lose and bonus buttons to decrease the total by one.  But it might be easier, for instance, when you hit lose instead of win: press the win button to record the win, and then don't count your next loss.

Why can't I get a "Diary Report?"

You must be using the full version of Slotzer to access the Diary Report, which is not available on Slotzer Lite.

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