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Slotzer adds an exciting dimension to slot play, allowing you to easily record and review your experience over multiple plays and multiple machines – even multiple casinos and online games. Slotzer keeps track of your results in detail over time, so playing the slots becomes a longer-term game with observable scores beyond the simple gain/loss people currently attempt to track. Games are more interesting when you keep accurate records of your experience. Slot play becomes a kind of scavenger hunt, with high-paying machines as the objectives.

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In addition to its fun potential, Slotzer provides significant practical benefits.  Its "Diary" feature captures the information required by the IRS and other tax entities for you to avoid overpaying taxes on gambling winnings. Winnings are subject to tax, and large wins are reported to the IRS on form W2G. Losses may be deducted to reduce the amount of tax due, but only if such losses have been recorded in a diary or similar record. Slotzer makes it easy for you to keep that diary as required by the IRS. Let’s say you hit a $1200 win on a slot machine. That must be reported, and the tax due may be about $300. If your Slotzer diary shows $600 in losses, for example, that may save about $150 in taxes. You never know when you might win big, and you’ll be glad you use Slotzer when you do.

Smart players don't wait until they win to start using Slotzer. IRS regulations require you to keep a contemporaneous diary in addition to receipts and other documentation -- you can't go back and reconstruct your diary, nor can you rely on casino statements, so use Slotzer to record every day you play.  The free version of Slotzer allows you to make all necessary diary entries, but does not include the reporting features of the paid version. When you hit a big jackpot, upgrade Slotzer to provide the "Diary Report" features.

Slotzer is a must-have app for slot players. It makes playing more fun and may save significant sums of tax overpayments.

Slotzer does not, of course, alter the odds or any other aspect of the operation of slot machines. Some players may enjoy testing various betting strategies based on Slotzer however, in the long run, players will continue to win and lose at prevailing rates.

Slotzer does not interfere with the essential psychological elements that make slots a fascinating pastime. In fact, Slotzer functions as part of a commitment on the part of casinos to exploit mobile technology as an element of play. Slotzer is a logical extension of casino initiatives that include SMS subscriptions, mobile play devices and USB charging jacks built into slot machines. Casino customers do not want to leave their technology behind when they enter the gaming area. 

It's FREE!

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